MIKUB e.V.: performance workshop body // language // archive

Podhale, Poland September 2018 // Belgrade, Serbia May 2019 // Leipzig, Germany September


Every society follows a logical structure that seems to determine the way we are, act and even talk.
The performance workshop body // language // archive will take place from 24 th September to 2 nd
October 2018 in the region of Podhale, Poland, is aiming at a critical questioning of this logical
structure through performative interventions. This first workshop will be the prelude to a series of
three encounters which will be implemented in 2018 and 2019 in Poland, Serbia and Germany.
The workshop is devoted to the question complexes of discrimination and eliminatory violence in
the past and present. At this encounter, the participants from Germany, Poland and States of
former Yugoslavia will focus on different concepts of “home” or “homeland”.
The German term “Heimat” (home/ homeland) refers to a region with a specific socio-cultural
structure and with which people feel connected by birth, language or an acquired preference. It
shimmers between a mere attachment to the region and a political-moral concept. In any case, it
implies a particular population structure, tradition, and orientation. Outland and alienation are its
opposites. Although there is a specific word for “homeland” in Croatian – similarly connoted
concepts in Polish and Serbian already refer to the “fatherland” itself.
In this sense, we will critically examine how concepts of “Heimat” – “domovina” – “otadžbina” –
“ojczyzna” influence our political thinking and action. How are we characterized by our personal
background? How have we come into contact with concepts of home? How do the different
concepts affect the policies of the countries? What narratives are derived from this and how are
these narratives structured with regard to exclusion, discrimination and eliminatory violence?


Practical approach
We are inviting 18 participants from Poland, Germany and Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegowina and Serbia to an 8-day
performance workshop in Kluszkowce, region of Podhale, Poland in September 2018. The
workshop is structured in three phases: at first the participants will try out and develop theatrical
and performative techniques to deal with the above mentioned set of questions. In a second phase
we build small teams who will work on a project and thus explore the topics and methods of their
choice. In the end, the teams will present their preliminary results consisting in performative
actions, environments or even video-art formats, which may include finished or work-in-progress
pieces. In this way body // language // archive works as platform to initiate, develop and to try out
concrete artistic goals that can persist beyond the duration of the workshop.
The workshop is dedicated to young adults who are interested in artistic work and aims beyond the
topic to extend the artistic skills and aesthetic experience. All participants will be actively coached
by expert drama tutors, media tutors, directors and dramatic advisors.


Registration & Logistics
The workshop takes place from 24 th September to 2 nd October 2018 in Kluszkowce (Podhale,
Poland). One sequel to the workshop will take place in Belgrade (Serbia) in May 2019, the
following in Leipzig (Germany) in September 2019, giving the possibility to deepen and develop
further what has been already achieved. The participation in all workshops is highly recommended
but not mandatory. Our official workshop language is English. The participation in the workshop as
well as accommodation and catering are free, but we will need to charge a registration fee of 50 €.
Travel costs can be reimbursed up to 120 € (total sum for both ways).
Please keep in mind that we will need the sign-up sheet filled in by you in order to process your
registration, latest by the 10th of September 2018.

Registration form: download

Registration and enquiries please under: info@bodylanguagearchive.de